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Rocky Mountain Geldings


This page is dedicated to our geldings.  With the Rocky Mountain breed; the temperament of the mares and stallions are very much like the geldings.  Many people that are familiar with the breed will tell you they like the mares because of the "head full of sense " they have.  There are many that like the stallions for the power and presence they posses, but many that are looking to have the same horse day after day firmly believe they need a gelding.  Tipton Mountain Horses will only keep the finest as breeding stallions insuring the genetics of the breed are as flawless as possible.  Therefore, we normally have a nice selection of geldings on hand at all times.  You will find these geldings to be top of the line in all traits of the Mountain Horses, but just lack a little "somethin, somethin" (in our eyes) that made them more suitable as geldings.   859-779-8965


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