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Owner/Trainer: Derick Tipton

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Welcome to Tipton Rocky Mountain Horses


We are part of Tipton Mountain Horses and Kennel, LLC.  We feature top quality Rocky Mountain Horses. Our farm is conveniently located in the foothills of eastern Kentucky.  Stanton is a quaint little town only 45 minutes east of Lexington, KY (home of the Kentucky Wildcats), on the Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway, and near Natural Bridge State Park.  Our farm is a family owned and operated farm and has been for many generations.  We have years of experience in the breeding, training and sales of the Mountain Horses. 


Thoroughbreds are not the only part of the Kentucky Horse Industry.  You will find that Trail Pleasure Horses dominate sales in the state of KY.   The Mountain Horse industry encompasses several registries; Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horses, Mountain Pleasure Horses all make up the "Mountain Horse Industry."  The three associations essentially require and promote the same traits of a smooth even four beat gait, and a temperament that is willing and docile. This breed has the ability to maintain form and stamina while carrying their rider over long distances and rough terrain. If your knees and back are preventing you from riding, the Mountain Horse has proven that you can once again get back in the saddle and enjoy the "horse."


What Are The Mountain Horses


Mountain Horses are native to eastern Kentucky and have always been a part of the Appalachian life. Economic times have never been easy for families of eastern Kentucky and the Mountain Horse is a part of the heritage that required a lot of hard work, good times and survival. The "Mountain Horses" were used in the logwoods and the mines and yet they were expected to be the horse that would allow small children to ride them to the "fishing hole" on Saturday and pull the buggy to church on Sunday.  Only the strong survived making a horse with a very strong constitution.  It is not unusual for a Mountain Horse to live 30 years.


Tipton Mountain Horses and Kennel LLC, is proud to be part of this treasured Kentucky heritage with the pride in breeding, training and selling of the Rocky, Kentucky or Mountain Pleasure Horses. We have a large quantity of Kentucky Bred Horses, with a quality that is second to none. We offer Mares, Stallions, Geldings, Yearlings, and Weanlings for sale at all times. If you want to be in the arena, trail competitions or you love to trail ride, this is the horse of choice.  Because of the temperament and versatility of this wonderful breed, you will often find these horses on the trail even while they are training for the show ring and competing in prestigious show competitions.


About Owner/Trainer Derick Tipton


Derick Tipton started riding horses by the age of 5 and has continued riding and training,  making the Mountain Horses his career.  Derick has many championship titles and awards to his credit including Grand World Championships, and International Grand Championships which are the most prestigious; and Derick has been fortunate to win several.  Derick also has many years of experience and education in breeding Mountain Horses.  Champion bloodlines run strong at this farm. The World Famous Choco Dock is now standing at Tipton Mountain Horses and Kennel, along with the prestigious Chocolate Venture.  We have many colors to choose from and unique colors are our speciality along with the signature color of chocolate.  We feel you will see right away why we are the top equine facility in the Mountain Horse world.


We invite you to visit us and see for yourself this unique breed of horse.  Please give us a call, email, or just stop by... you and your family are always welcome.


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